Is it possible to sync stock WooCommerce when you have several stores?

You may be the owner or shop manager of several WooCommerce stores. If yo uthen sell identical products in the stores you know that it’s a big and time-consuming job to manually sync the stock across all your stores. Also, as always when manual labor is applied you face the risk of doing mistakes, and mistakes in online store stock qty can lead to dissatisfied customers.

But you can sync your store’s stock automatically, and you will time and money by having automated stock sync. Using WooMultistore you can choose between two methods of syncing the stock across stores. You can use the plugin’s default sync method (custom ID sync), or you switch to the SKU sync method (syncing your stock by the product SKU`s).

Please note
The info on this page is published in January 2021. We continuously developed WooMultistore so there is a chance that new stock sync features are available now. Visit to read about all the features of this product, stock, and order sync plugin.

Turn on/off stock sync for entire stores:

You can set if you want to control which single products that sync stock:

You can turn on or off stock sync for all sites: